Polishing Consumables

To Adopt The Process:

You will need to purchase “Zephyr Tools” from Zeeko Industrial as well as either renting or buying a software licence for the revolutionary ZephyrCAM Industrial software.

The user will need a clean 3, 4 or 5 axis CNC machine or a 6-axis robot equipped with some form of part probing.

Zeeko Industrial advisers (who provide 24x7 support) will help you integrate the software to the machine, advise on the loading and application of the tools and also advise about any other peripheral parts required.

A 3-D scanner may also be needed depending on the accuracy of the process chosen.

Scan & Polish

  • 1 Scan the part
  • 2 Load scan to the ZephyrCAM software to generate a toolpath
  • 3 Press “GO” to Polish

CAD & Polish

  • 1 Load the CAD to the ZephyrCAM software
  • 2 Generate the Toolpath
  • 3 Press “GO” to Polish

Scan corrected CAD & Polish

  • 1 Scan the Part
  • 2 Load the CAD and then the Scan Correct the CAD
  • 3 Confirm the corrected Shape Generate the Toolpath
  • 4 Press “GO” to Polish

50+ Tools to choose from
5 Key Tool Geometries:


Teardrop Tools


CAP Tools




<a href="https://www.zeeko-industrial.co.uk/bonnet-tools">Bonnet Tools</a>


Drum & Edge Tools

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    Monitor Render

    High on accuracy - Low on cost

    Experience a fast ROI with our unique CNC automation control software and highly cost-effective consumables.

    • Simple, intuitive user interface
    • Customisable user interface
    • Simulate tool paths and probing routines
    • Proximity based collision detection and automatic collision avoidance
    • Supported tool paths (Raster, Random, Spiral, Synchro)
    • Automatic tool path calculation for simple and complex geometries
    • CNC generation for a wide range of machines
    • Corrective polishing
    Polishing Tools Deco

    24/7 support - wherever you are

    Zeeko technical support operates 24/7 from three international locations. Utilising the latest remote machine diagnostic solutions to ensure your polishing solution is optimised to deliver perfect results.

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