About Zeeko

Zeeko Ltd is a UK based Technology Company with Ultra-Precision Polishing Solutions for Optics and other Complex Surface.

Established in 2000, Zeeko has progressed from being a start-up company with innovative technology to polish ultra precision surfaces for telescope mirrors and other optical surfaces, to become a market leading company with a wide polishing and metrology product portfolio that competes impressively in a global market place. Zeeko remains to be an innovative, young and dynamic technology based business with globally protected Intellectual Property extending to over 52 worldwide patents.

Zeeko specialise in the manufacturing and commercialisation of Ultra-Precision Polishing Machines famously known as the Intelligent Robotic Polishers (IRP). Zeeko Ltd manufactures corrective polishing machines for fabricating high precision optics, orthopaedic joints, semiconductor applications and precision moulds in a number of different materials.

Zeeko has worked hard to establish itself as a viable business and, having learned some of the skills needed to survive and prosper, it has more recently developed a number of ideas for ways in which the business and the product base can grow laterally across sectors, thus protecting the business in times of market slow-down.

With machines now installed throughout the world, Zeeko has become a global success story and the involvement with the UK Trade Mission to NASA will lead to the development in the manufacturing of astronomical optics and in particular the complex optical surfaces being specified for the new generation of segmented telescopes.

Both in its polishing technology and in its measurement techniques, Zeeko has been a key innovator in the development of processes that in the coming years will be relied upon by at least a part of the astronomical community.

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